Therapeutix Bra Sweat Liner

Therapeutix Bra Sweat Liner




Bra Sweat Liner is designed to offer the following benefits

  • Keep you dry between & under your breasts
  • Keep your bra dry
  • Avoid sweat odour and skin infections
  • Help extend the life of your bra
  • Help avoid bra discolouring from sweat
  • Added comfort
  • Help reduce bra skin indentations
  • Stays in place all day



  • With your bra on, lift the centre of the bra outwards and insert the bridge of the Bra Sweat Liner between the breasts.
  • Place one side of the ‘long section’ up and under one breast, following the curve of your bra.
  • Repeat this procedure for the other side
  • Your bra should now sit comfortably on the bottom edge of the Bra Sweat Liner. Alternatively the Bra Sweat Liner can be fully concealed under your bra. Personal choice.