There's nothing more refreshing as the taste of an ice cold coconut bevy on a hot summer's day, a scrumptious coconut cake or the feeling of a cooling creamy coconut lotion on your skin... but did you know, coconut makes for a great candle too?

Move over soy, there’s a new wax in town and we’re going absolutely nuts for it! Coconut wax is taking the candle world by storm and we can't get enough. 

Here's some truths about coconut wax:

  • They are more sustainable than soy, beeswax and paraffin wax candles
  • This wax burns slower than other wax types, leaving you with an overall longer burning time
  • It's a creamy, white colour that has a cleaner burn, meaning no mess & no fuss
  • It burns cooler than other wax types and it holds its fragrance better; leaving you with a fresher & more fragrant workplace, bathroom, bedroom - you name it!
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Scent Maison Candle 315gm
Scent Maison Diffuser Refill 200ml
Scent Maison Diffuser 200ml
Scent Maison Candle Refill 315gm